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Breaking Into Precision Rifle | Part 1: Rifle

Breaking Into Precision Rifle | Part 1: Rifle

Transitioning from Competitive Three-Gun to Long-Range Precision Shooting
Series by Dustin Sanchez


Dustin Sanchez, a seasoned three-gun competitor since 2012 and former employee at JP Enterprises, shares his transition to long-range precision shooting. Drawn to this discipline through family influence and a passion for JP rifles, Dustin embarks on a new shooting journey.

Embracing the JP MR-19

  • Choosing JP Rifles: Dustin’s affinity for JP rifles led him to the MR-19, a bolt-action rifle launched in 2019.
  • Consulting JP Experts: A detailed session with Adam Burke, JP’s GM, provided insights into the MR-19’s features, like adjustable butt pad, cheek weld, and length of pull, crucial for long-range accuracy.

Key Features of the MR-19

  • Rigid Design: The rifle’s design minimizes flex, especially in the rear stock, essential for precision shooting.
  • Integrated Level: An in-built level aids in ensuring the rifle’s balance for distant shots.
  • Versatile Handguard: The handguard design is consistent with JP’s small and large frame rifles, allowing for accessory compatibility.
  • Action and Trigger: The rifle uses a Trigger Tech Diamond trigger and an Ultimatum Deadline action, known for a smooth bolt throw and reliability.

Training and Equipment Considerations

  • The Learning Curve: Dustin expresses his eagerness yet nervousness about diving into a new shooting discipline.
  • Choosing the Right Equipment: The emphasis on selecting quality gear, from rifles to optics and support equipment, is vital for growth in long-range precision shooting.

Next Steps in Long-Range Shooting

  • Training Rifle: Dustin plans to use the JP Apparition, a .22 LR training rifle, for practice, underscoring the importance of training with a rifle similar to his primary MR-19.
  • Visiting Vortex: The next phase involves a visit to Vortex Optics to explore long-range optics and gear, aiming to deepen his understanding of the equipment needed for precision shooting beyond 500 yards.


Dustin’s journey from three-gun to long-range precision shooting is a testament to the evolving interests and challenges in the world of competitive shooting. His story highlights the importance of quality equipment, expert guidance, and the willingness to embrace new disciplines in shooting sports.

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