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Dissident Arms DAm2 ELITE: The Ultimate Competition Shotgun for 3-Gun

Dissident Arms DAm2 ELITE: The Ultimate Competition Shotgun for 3-Gun

After going the DIY (butcher) route with my 28″ Benelli M2 Field and making it work for several years, I was more than excited to jump on a Dissident Arms DAm2 Elite when I learned they had a few in stock last year.

3-Gun demands equipment that combines precision, speed, and reliability. Dissident Arms’ DAm2 ELITE is their race gun version of the Benelli M2, and stands out as a top-tier shotgun for competitive shooters. In this article I’ll dig into the specific features of the DAm2 Elite.

ELITE Series DAm2: A Comprehensive Overview

Dissident Arms has taken the Benelli M2, a shotgun already respected for its performance, and transformed it into the DAm2 ELITE, a competition-ready powerhouse. This collaboration with Briley Manufacturing ensures that every aspect of the shotgun is optimized for competitive use.

M-Lok Handguard (your choice of 10-14”)

The inclusion of an M-Lok handguard allows for versatile attachment options. The length options cater to different shooter preferences, providing optimal balance and weight distribution. The 10″ gave me a hold that I was used to with the factory handguard on my previous M2 Field.

M-Lok Stage Saver Adapter

Stage or Match Savers are crucial for 3-Gun. It allows for quick, on-the-fly reloading, a critical advantage in timed competitions. I’ve used mine extensively when I run the gun dry inadvertently or to manage ammo for slug targets when needed.

Match Grade Trigger Replacement & A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard

The match-grade trigger ensures a crisp and consistent pull, I thought this was overkill for a shotgun until I saw how well I started grouping with slugs at distance. The enhanced trigger guard offers a definitive path for your shells while quad loading, greatly reducing yard sales or fumbled loads when you’ve missed a few targets too many and the pressure increases.

Milled Adjustable Rear Sight & Dovetail Fiber Optic Front Sight

While we’re on the topic of accuracy with slugs, it should come as no surprise that an adjustable rear sight is a must have. I spent many years using the rear flat of the barrel rib and just centering the front sight post on target hoping I’d connect. Having what’s similar to adjustable pistol iron sights on your shotgun does amazing things for your accuracy and confidence.

Extended Shell Release & Left Side Charging Handle (AMBI)

These modifications enhance the ergonomics of the shotgun. The extended shell release and ambidextrous charging handle allow for faster, more efficient operation, crucial in the fast-paced environment of 3-Gun competitions.

Panel Cut Carrier & Articulated Shell Latch

These features facilitate smoother loading and feeding of shells, reducing the chance of jams or malfunctions. Bonus – it looks pretty freaking cool, too.

Action Tuning & EZ Lever Bolt Release

Action tuning ensures the shotgun operates smoothly under any condition. The EZ Lever Bolt Release, available in various colors, adds a custom touch while providing ease of use.

Carbon Magazine Extension

The carbon magazine extension increases total tube capacity to 12 and saves some weight over the aluminum extensions

Briley Long Forcing Cone & Generously Open Loading Port

The long forcing cone by Briley minimizes pellet deformation, enhancing pattern consistency. The open loading port is a game-changer for quick reloads, reducing time spent fumbling with shells – I mean, just look at that sucker, it practically sucks the shells in for you.

Extended Safety Button & Extended Lifter – TTI

The extended safety and lifter by Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) ensure smooth operation and minimize the risk of thumb bite during rapid reloads.

BRILEY Extended Black Oxide Choke Set

This set, including diffusion, modified, and full chokes, allows shooters to adapt the shotgun to various stages and distances, maximizing performance.

Conclusion: The DAm2 ELITE’s Edge in Competition

The Dissident Arms DAm2 ELITE represents the pinnacle of competition shotgun engineering. Every feature is meticulously crafted to give competitive shooters an edge in 3-Gun matches. From its ergonomic enhancements to its precision mechanics, the DAm2 ELITE is more than just a shotgun; it’s a testament to the marriage of form, function, and competition tuning. With an estimated lead time of 8-10 weeks, this exclusive offering is a worthwhile investment for serious competitors.