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Optimizing Your Rifle Setup for The Tactical Games: A Competitor’s Guide

The Tactical Games are the ultimate test of fitness, shooting proficiency, and tactical skill. Competitors navigate physically demanding courses while engaging in various shooting tasks, requiring not only physical endurance but also a finely tuned and reliable rifle setup. This guide provides comprehensive insights into optimizing your rifle for the unique challenges of The Tactical Games. Understanding...

Perfecting Your Pistol Grip for Better Shooting Performance

Perfecting Your Pistol Grip for Better Shooting Performance When it comes to improving your shooting performance, the grip on your pistol is as crucial as your stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. A proper grip enhances accuracy, control, and the ability to manage recoil. This article delves into the techniques and tips that can help shooters, whether...

Sight Alignment 101: A Shooter’s Guide to Precision

Sight Alignment 101: A Shooter's Guide to Precision Accurate shooting is a skill that demands precision, and the foundation of precision is proper sight alignment. This fundamental aspect of marksmanship is critical for ensuring that your firearm is accurately aimed at the target. Sight alignment refers to the proper positioning of the shooter's eye, the rear sight,...

Intro to Pistol Shooting Fundamentals for Accuracy & Recoil Management

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Shooting the pistol with consistent accuracy and speed is perhaps the most difficult skill to master in all of the shooting sports.  The pistol is an unforgiving platform that will showcase any deficiencies a shooter may have.  However, with knowledge of the fundamentals and enough discipline to stick to them, a shooter can find success. As with...