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Triangle Drill (Pistol)

  • Materials:
    • Shooters Boxes (3)
    • Auto Poppers (2-6” Colt Speed Plates; 1-Skinny Sammy)
      • Amendments: Shooters Boxes can be substituted with anything to mark a position (Cones, stakes, paint).  Shooters Boxes are ideal for some of the focal points of the drill.
  • Set-Up:
    • Set the Auto Poppers at the back of the bay and roughly 15 to 20 yards apart.
    • Center the Skinny Sammy between the Auto Poppers.
    • Set a Shooters Box 10 to 15 yards up range of the Auto Poppers and roughly 10 to 15 yards apart.
    • Set the last Shooters Box another 5 to 7 yards up range, and centered between, the other Shooters Boxes. The 3 Shooters Boxes should form a right triangle, or as close as possible.
  • Execution:
    • Start in the furthest up range Shooters Box. At the start indicator, draw the pistol and engage the Skinny Sammy, after hitting the Skinny Sammy, sprint into one of the down range Shooters Boxes and engage the Auto Popper directly down range from that position.  After hitting the first Auto Popper, move into the final Shooters Box and engage the Auto Popper directly down range from there.
      • Also Try: Conduct a magazine change between each shooting position.
  • Focus:
    • As you near the down range Shooters Boxes, sink your hips as you present your pistol to the target in order to minimize sight movement.
    • Enter the down range Shooters Boxes ready to fire as soon as you are inside the Shooters Box and your sights are on the target.
    • Transfer the forward momentum of your body to lateral momentum immediately upon breaking the shot.
  • Minimum Round Count:
    • 3 rounds per iteration
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