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The Tactical Games Gear Overview with Austin Aylward

The Tactical Games Gear Overview with Austin Aylward

Austin Aylward’s Tactical Games Gear: A Deep Dive

No stranger to The Tactical Games podium, Austin Aylward gives us an inside look at the gear setting him up for success in the 2023 season.

The Ultimate Belt Setup

Aylward sports a belt combo that’s both functional and durable. He’s got his belt and pistol pouches from Esstac, known for their reliability. But the real standout is the G-Code rifle mag pouches – they’re a testament to durability and functionality. While his outer belt is Esstac, the inner belt boasts a Warrior Poet Society label.

Holster and Plate Carrier: The Dynamic Duo

The G-Code holster setup is a game-changer, featuring a quick disconnect via their RTI wheel – a real asset when you want to reconfigure or strip down your belt in a hurry. Aylward’s plate carrier is another Esstac masterpiece. Though he tweaked it for a perfect fit, he’s all praises for its performance. The plates? They’re a homebrew special, crafted by Aylward himself for better stock-to-shoulder engagement during shooting.

Rifle Configuration: Precision and Power

Aylward’s rifle of choice is a BCM MK2, sporting a 16-inch Ballistic Advantage barrel. It’s chambered in 223 Wylde with a one-in-eight twist – a choice that speaks to his precision focus. The CMC triggers, favored for their single-stage design, get a personal touch by removing the bottom kick-off. And for those long-range shots, he trusts the Vortex PST Gen 2 Viper 1-6x scope, appreciated for its clean reticle and quick reference points.

Custom Tweaks: The Personal Touch

Aylward isn’t just about off-the-shelf gear. He makes his own slings, customizes his grip module with stippling, and even crafts a custom thumb safety for that extra comfort. Not to forget, he’s modified a SilencerCo three-prong flash hider, trimmed down for his specific needs.

In summary, Austin Aylward’s gear setup for The Tactical Games is a blend of industry-leading products and personal customization, highlighting his dedication to functionality and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, there’s much to learn from his meticulous approach to gear selection and customization.