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The Best Plate Carrier build-out for The Tactical Games

The Best Plate Carrier build-out for The Tactical Games

The Best Plate Carrier Build-Out For The Tactical Games: A Guide for Competitors

Entering the realm of The Tactical Games, competitors face a unique challenge: selecting the ideal plate carrier that balances comfort and functionality. With countless options available, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Drawing insights from experienced competitors like Shawn Nelson, this article simplifies the selection process, guiding you through the best plate carrier build-out for The Tactical Games.

Starting Point: The Condor Sentry Plate Carrier

Condor Sentry Plate Carrier
Condor Sentry pictured with Kryptek 6-up Magazine placard attached

Many new competitors, like Nelson back in 2019, begin their journey with an economical yet effective option like the Condor Sentry. Priced around $60, it offers essential features for starters: padded shoulder straps for comfort (though they might need some trimming to avoid neck discomfort), and a slick front side, crucial for movements involving axle bars and other implements. Its MOLLE attachments provide versatility for adding mag pouches, like the Kryptek six-up mag carrier. However, its fixed cummerbund and bottom-loading plate design may pose limitations in adjustability and durability.

Evolving to Advanced Carriers: Crye JPC 1.0

Crye JPC 1.0 Plate Carrier

Seeking more versatility and comfort, many move to advanced carriers like the Crye JPC 1.0. What sets this apart is its built-in mag pouches, which flatten when not in use, providing a sleek profile. The shoulder straps are inherently comfortable, eliminating the need for extra padding. A significant upgrade is the elastic cummerbund, which offers greater flexibility than rigid or static buckle systems. While durable, signs of wear, especially where plates load from the bottom, can be a concern.

Javlin Concepts: The Tactical Games Edition

A major leap in plate carrier design is evident in the one developed in The Tactical Game’s collaboration with Javlin Concepts. This minimalist carrier excels in comfort with its elastic cummerbund and adaptability, featuring velcro loop on the front for versatility. It’s equipped with a laser-cut MOLLE panel for mag pouches and a top-loading flap for plates, ensuring better security and less wear. This model has been favored by top competitors for its blend of simplicity and functionality. As of the last update of this post, this collaboration seems to have ceased – but you can still find the Javlin Concepts A-JAC 2.0 Plate Bags on their website, which is a successor to the previous design.

A Better Value: Blackhawk Foundation Series Plate Carrier

While the Javlin is still my favorite option, it may be difficult to obtain at a reasonable price. Fear not though, The Tactical Games now has a more economical option available direct on their website and usually sold at most events – The Blackhawk Foundation Series Place Carrier. This plate carrier is very similar in design and function to the A-JAC, but at a much more attractive price point of around $150.

Choosing the Right Plates: Balancing Comfort and Practicality

When it comes to plates, it’s vital to distinguish between ballistic plates for real-world use and training plates for competitions. While ballistic plates like those from Hesco or Spartan Armor Systems offer real-world protection, their rigidity, and thickness are not ideal for the dynamic movements in The Tactical Games. It’s also not advised to put unnecessary wear and tear on components that you may need to rely on for protection.

On the other hand, training plates, like the RX+ plates designed specifically for The Tactical Games, offer a more ergonomic design suitable for competition. Laser-cut training plates like these are not without their limitations, however.

Jacked Rabbit Plates: The Ultimate Choice for Competitors

Perhaps the best option for serious competitors are the Jacked Rabbit plates. Developed by a Tactical Games competitor, these plates are flexible yet rigid enough for a firm fit and designed specifically to meet weight requirements for both men (15lbs) and women (12lbs). They conform to the body, offering unparalleled comfort and flexibility, making them a top choice for those committed to excelling in the games.

Economical and Creative Solutions

For those just starting or on a budget, creativity can go a long way. Combining economical carriers like the Condor with DIY solutions for plates, such as yoga mats and standard weight plates, can provide a cost-effective setup that meets competition criteria. Take what Austin Aylward did for his plates in his gear breakdown post as a prime example.

Key Takeaways for Tactical Games Competitors

  1. Start Simple: Begin with an affordable and functional carrier like the Condor Sentry, especially if you’re new to The Tactical Games.
  2. Seek Comfort and Versatility: As you evolve, look for carriers that offer better ergonomics, flexibility, and customization, like the Crye JPC 1.0 or the Javelin Concepts carrier.
  3. Select the Right Plates: Choose plates that suit the nature of the competition – training plates over ballistic plates for better comfort and practicality. It is worth the investment to purchase a good set of training plates from the start, as they can be moved into any standard plate carrier.
  4. Innovation Over Tradition: Jacked Rabbit plates are a testament to innovation, offering the best in comfort and compliance with current competition rules.
  5. Budget-Friendly Options: Don’t shy away from economical and creative solutions. They can be just as effective for beginners or those not ready to invest heavily.


The right plate carrier setup is crucial for success in The Tactical Games. It requires a balance of comfort, and utility, tailored to the dynamic and physically demanding nature of the competition. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newcomer, understanding the nuances of different carriers and plates, and how they align with the game’s requirements, is key. With this guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge to build out a plate carrier that enhances your performance and keeps you competitive in The Tactical Games.

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