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Breaking Into Precision Rifle | Part 2: Optic

Breaking Into Precision Rifle | Part 2: Optic

Navigating the World of Long-Range Precision Optics: A Visit to Vortex
Series by Dustin Sanchez


In the second part of our precision rifle series, we explore the crucial element of long-range shooting: optics. My journey took me to Vortex Headquarters in Wisconsin, where I engaged in in-depth discussions about precision rifle optics with experts Ruben Alexander and Travis Vogel.

The Vortex Experience

  • The Vortex Tour: The visit to Vortex’s impressive facility included exploring their showroom, where one can witness an array of optics and purchase Vortex merchandise.
  • Optics Discussion: We focused on three primary long-range precision rifle optics suitable for my needs, particularly in PRS and NRL style shooting.

Key Insights on Optics Selection

  • EBR 7C MRAD Reticle: The universal language among precision shooters is MRAD, and Vortex’s EBR 7C MRAD reticle stands out for its versatility and ease of use.
  • Razor 4.5-27: Recommended for PRS shooting, this optic offers durability, excellent optical quality, and a locking zero stop elevation turret.
  • Strike Eagle 5-25: A lighter option for my .22 trainer rifle, providing a balance between quality and affordability, ideal for short to mid-range targets.
  • Parallax and Optical Quality: The discussion emphasized the trade-offs between glass quality and parallax settings, critical for shooting at varying ranges.

A Holistic Approach to Long-Range Shooting

  • Understanding MIL and MRAD: Emphasizing the importance of familiarizing myself with MIL and MRAD systems, essential for effective long-range shooting and communication with other shooters.
  • Vortex’s Partner App: An insightful look into Vortex‚Äôs partner app for their Ballistic Furies, providing an integrated solution for ballistics and environmental data.


The visit to Vortex not only expanded my understanding of long-range optics but also reinforced the importance of choosing the right tools for specific shooting disciplines. The upcoming segment will delve deeper into tripods, binoculars, and spotting scopes, and their role in enhancing long-range precision shooting. Stay tuned for more insights from the Vortex Edge facility.

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