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Taccom Duelin Dueces Reviewed

Taccom Duelin Dueces Reviewed

A small fortune. That’s what it used to cost you to put a good amount of shotgun shells on your belt, until Taccom came out with the Duelin Dueces.

Taccom Duelin Dueces

Taccom Duelin Dueces


They come in at what I’d consider an economy price, just $44.95 direct from Taccom, but they offer so much more than just a cheap price tag. The Taccom Duelin Dueces are machined from Delrin, a thermoplastic that provides low friction and excellent dimensional stability – a characteristic I’ve been able to put to the test and have yet to be disappointed in.

What’s unique about the design is how the eight shells are presented, which is a gradual incline away from your body. This allows for a large gap for your fingers to slide under when you grasp that first handful of shells, either two up or four up, with ease. The gap narrows as you get to the last set of shells left on the caddie, but it’s still plenty of room to repeat the same grasp.

My favorite part of the design is how the shell holder tangs are facing, allowing the shells to be pulled in a fluid motion out of the holder without rocking your elbow or contorting your hips. This results in a much quicker movement from caddie to loading port.

The holders offer a tight grasp on the shells, requiring a bit of flex to pull out. A perfect combination with the low friction plastic that will typically keep the shells in place when you need them to be.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the performance of the Duelin Dueces and look forward to putting them under more abuse this coming season.

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