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Federal Action Shotgun Ammunition for 3 Gun

Federal Action Shotgun

Federal Action Shotgun Ammunition for 3 Gun

Officially launched in 2023, Federal Action Shotgun ammunition is destined to be a game-changer for 3-gun competitors, especially those of you chasing the box-fed-magazine open game. Developed in collaboration with Dissident Arms and professional-level competitors in the industry, they’ve perfected the recipe for reliable match ammunition for your shotgun.

Featuring a roll crimp for rigidity, it ensures smooth cycling in both tube- and magazine-fed shotguns. Notably, the ammo’s design addresses the unique stresses of box-fed shotguns, maintaining shell presentation and integrity even under rigorous conditions. For those of us still chucking dual and quad loads into our tube fed shotguns, the material surface and lack of flex in the hull is much appreciated as it results in faster, more consistent loading and fewer yard sales.

The current and only offering is a 1 1/8-ounce payload of No. 7.5 lead pellets at a balanced velocity of 1,235 fps, optimized for power and precision. Its plated steel head enhances reliable feeding and extraction. Available in 200-round cases, the perfect quantity for most major match round counts – this ammo is set to revolutionize action shotgun sports, offering reliability and high performance to both professional and amateur shooters alike.

Federal Action Shotgun hulls on the ground


  • Shot Size: 7.5
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1235
  • Shotshell Length: 2-3/4in. / 70mm
  • Shot Charge Oz: 1 1/8
  • Type: Lead
  • Package Quantity: 200
  • Usage: Target Shooting
  • MSRP: $174.99

While the MSRP is painful at first glance, it’s available at a much more reasonable cost direct through dealers like Dissident Arms in Texas or Arnzen Arms up here in Minnesota.

The Benefits of Roll Crimp in Shotgun Shells

Federal Action Shotgun ammo loaded up in box-fed shotgun mags

Roll crimping in shotgun shells offers significant benefits for competitive shooters, particularly in 3-gun competitions. This crimping style adds rigidity to the shell, improving its structural integrity, which is crucial for smooth cycling in both tube- and magazine-fed shotguns. The roll crimp ensures a tighter seal of the shell contents, leading to more consistent shot patterns and velocity. Moreover, the rigid structure of the roll crimped shell minimizes deformation during the high-stress conditions of rapid firing and reloading, enhancing reliability and performance in competitive scenarios.

Advantages of Plated Steel Heads in Shotgun Shells

The incorporation of plated steel heads in shotgun shells, such as in Federal’s Action Shotgun Ammunition, provides a significant advantage in terms of reliable feeding and extraction. These steel heads are less prone to deformation compared to traditional brass heads, ensuring a consistent shape that aids in smoother feeding into the chamber of a shotgun. This is particularly important in high-paced environments like 3-gun competitions, where any delay in feeding can be costly. Furthermore, the steel heads enhance extraction efficiency after firing, reducing the likelihood of jamming and ensuring a more reliable ejection of spent shells. This combination of reliable feeding and efficient extraction makes plated steel heads an essential feature for competitive shooters seeking optimal performance.

Ideal Payload and Shot Size for Action Shooting

The 1 1/8-ounce payload of 7.5 size lead shot, as seen in Federal’s Action Shotgun Ammunition, is particularly well-suited for action shooting sports like 3-gun competitions. The size 7.5 shot provides a dense, consistent pattern that is effective at breaking targets commonly used in these events. The weight of the 1 1/8-ounce payload ensures sufficient energy to reliably knock down targets, yet it is balanced to maintain manageable recoil. This balance is key in action shooting where speed and precision are paramount, allowing shooters to quickly reacquire targets after each shot. This specific shot size and weight combination thus offers an optimal blend of power, pattern density, and recoil control, contributing significantly to a shooter’s performance.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Federal’s Action Shotgun Ammunition emerges as a significant innovation in 3-gun competition. Developed with insights from Dissident Arms and professional shooters, it features a roll crimp and plated steel head for enhanced performance in both tube- and magazine-fed shotguns. The carefully chosen 1 1/8-ounce payload of No. 7.5 lead shot strikes a balance between power and precision, tailored for action shooting. Despite its initial MSRP, it offers great value for competitive shooters through its reliability and performance, solidifying its place as a top choice in the competitive shooting community.