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Best Hearing Protection for the Range

Choosing Between In-Ear Plugs and Over-the-Ear Muffs, or Both? Shooting sports demands keen focus and safety, of which hearing protection plays a crucial role. While the primary goal is to safeguard your hearing from the damaging effects of gunshots, the choice between in-ear plugs and over-the-ear muffs can significantly impact comfort, convenience, and even shooting performance. This...

Inside the Practical Competition Shooting League: An In-Depth Exploration of the New Shooting Phenomenon

Max Leograndis' Vision of Modernized Practical Shooting In 2021, the world of competitive shooting witnessed the birth of the Practical Competition Shooting League (PCSL), a visionary endeavor by multi-time consecutive national champion Max Leograndis. His concept was ambitious yet straightforward: to redefine the landscape of practical shooting sports. PCSL amalgamates the finest elements from various shooting disciplines,...

Optimizing Your Rifle Setup for The Tactical Games: A Competitor’s Guide

The Tactical Games are the ultimate test of fitness, shooting proficiency, and tactical skill. Competitors navigate physically demanding courses while engaging in various shooting tasks, requiring not only physical endurance but also a finely tuned and reliable rifle setup. This guide provides comprehensive insights into optimizing your rifle for the unique challenges of The Tactical Games. Understanding...

What are The Tactical Games?

The Tactical Games is a thrilling and physically demanding competition that combines marksmanship with physical challenges. It offers participants a unique, challenging experience that tests their shooting skills, physical fitness, and mental resilience. This article provides an in-depth overview, including its origins, format, and key components. Origins of The Tactical Games Tim Burke and Zack Rodman at The...