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Breaking Into Precision Rifle | Part 3: Accessories

Breaking Into Precision Rifle | Part 3: Accessories

A Deep Dive into Gear and Training
Series by Dustin Sanchez


In our journey through precision rifle shooting, we’ve explored the JP LMR19 chambered in 6 Creedmoor, optics selection with Vortex, and now we delve into essential accessories and practical training insights.

The Radiant Carbon Fiber Tripod

Vortex’s introduction of the Radiant Carbon Fiber Tripod marks a significant enhancement for shooters. Weighing around six pounds and offering two heads (leveling and ball head), it provides stability and flexibility. Though I chose the leveling head for minimal movement, the ball head’s versatility remains tempting.

Binoculars and Spotting Scopes

For observation, I utilize the Fury HD 10×42 binoculars with a rangefinder. An essential addition was an adapter for tripod compatibility, maximizing the utility of these binoculars. Similarly, my Viper HD 20×60 spotting scope gained an upgrade with a reticle eyepiece. This addition, particularly the 33.5 power fixed reticle eyepiece, allows for better wind drift observation and shot correction.

Vortex Training and Practical Insights

Training at Vortex Edge provided invaluable lessons. Under the guidance of seasoned PRS/NRL shooters, I gained insights into equipment setup and nuances of long-range shooting. Key takeaways included the significance of bubble levels on both the chassis and optic for accurate shooting.

The Subtleties of Gear and Training

Through classes at JP’s Blue Steel Ranch and match experiences, I tested the Vortex gear extensively. The fixed reticle on the spotting scope and tripod stability were standout features. These experiences highlighted the often-overlooked subtleties and benefits of specialized gear in precision shooting.


Precision rifle shooting is an intricate sport where every accessory and piece of training plays a crucial role. The journey from selecting the right rifle and optics to mastering accessories like tripods and spotting scopes, coupled with hands-on training, paves the way for success in this challenging discipline. Stay tuned for further insights in the next episode, focusing on advanced classes and practical applications of these tools.

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