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Author: Shawn

The Best Plate Carrier build-out for The Tactical Games

The Best Plate Carrier Build-Out For The Tactical Games: A Guide for Competitors Entering the realm of The Tactical Games, competitors face a unique challenge: selecting the ideal plate carrier that balances comfort and functionality. With countless options available, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Drawing insights from experienced competitors like Shawn Nelson, this...

The Evolution of a Tactical Games Rifle

Shawn's Journey: Evolving the Ultimate Tactical Games Rifle with Team JP Introduction: The Quest for Perfection As competitive shooters, we often can't resist tweaking and tuning our gear. This drive for the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and practicality is exactly what led me, Shawn from Team JP, to evolve my Tactical Games rifle. Join me as we...

There’s No Shame In Using A Pump Shotgun For 3 Gun

As a new entrant to the adrenaline-pumping world of 3 Gun competitions, you're likely inundated with advice on gear. A common suggestion is to ditch your old pump shotgun for something more "advanced." However, I'm here to offer a different perspective, one that celebrates the pump shotgun's unique value, especially if you already own one. The Reliable...