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Mammoth Sniper Challenge I

Mammoth Sniper Challenge I


The Mammoth Sniper Challenge is a three-day physical and mental endurance competition designed for teams, where participants engage in long-range shooting at simulated sniper hides. It attracts a diverse range of competitors from various backgrounds, including Navy Seals, school teachers, carpenters, and combat veterans. The event, typically held in January, tests both the shooters’ skills and their gear as they must carry all their equipment over 25+ miles between stages and campsites, camp out, and engage precision rifle targets up to 800+ yards​.

Key Rules and Regulations

  • Safety Protocols: The entire match location is considered a ‘cold range’, meaning firearms can only be loaded under the direct supervision of a match official. Specific starting conditions for firearms at each stage are clearly stated in the stage briefs​.
  • Disqualifications: Competitors can be disqualified for safety-related offenses, such as negligent discharge, losing control of a loaded firearm, or unsafe handling. Cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct can also lead to disqualification​.
  • Conduct Expectations: All competitors must maintain polite, courteous, and respectful behavior throughout the event. Penalties, including disqualification, can be imposed for unsportsmanlike or unsafe conduct​.
  • Ammunition Restrictions: The event has specific rules for ammunition, prohibiting armor-piercing, penetrator, incendiary, steel core, or steel-jacketed projectiles. Rifle cartridges must meet certain caliber, weight, and velocity parameters​.
  • Division Requirements: Each team is required to carry and use two rifles and two pistols, with at least one rifle chambered in either .223 Remington/5.56×45 or .308 Winchester/7.62×51. All equipment must be carried throughout the match, and nothing but empty cartridge casings may be abandoned​.

Stage Execution and Scoring

  • Stage Execution: Teams are given time to assemble in a holding area before each stage. Some stages include blind holding areas, where competitors can’t see the layout beforehand. Range Officers provide stage briefs and address questions from competitors​.
  • Scoring System: The total team score is the combined total of points earned by each team member. Points can be earned by hitting targets with gunfire or successfully completing non-shooting exercises as described in the stage briefs​​.

The Mammoth Sniper Challenge presents a unique blend of shooting proficiency, teamwork, and endurance, offering an intense and rewarding experience for those who participate.

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Location: Fort Eisenhower, GA
Date: January 5, 2024
Duration: 3 Days