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Magpul Texas 3-Gun Championship

Magpul Texas 3-Gun Championship


The Texas 3-Gun Championship is a premier “outlaw” 3-Gun event held in the picturesque landscapes of Texas Hill Country, this competition challenges participants with a series of 10 stages that thoroughly test their skills across all 3 guns.

TX3G stands out due to its diverse stages, set in the natural terrain of Reveille Peak Ranch, offering competitors a unique challenge unlike any other. The championship typically features a blend of speed, accuracy, and some of the longest distances you’ll see in 3 gun, making it a coveted event for shooters looking to push their limits.

You will find a good mix of legit jungle run stages (narrow, winding paths with targets buried in the foliage along the way), structured stages with walls, and legit rifle target engagements out to 700 yards while dealing with the unpredictable Texas wind.

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Location: Burnet, TX
Date: April 19, 2024
Duration: 3 Days
Type: Outlaw 3-Gun Match